Death Retires

Death’s not taking a holiday, he’s retired.

Or he was, until murder intrudes on his quiet retirement plans. Geoff’s stalked by ghosts, and his former bosses have saddled him with the care of a possessed bobcat. With his beautiful neighbor Sylvie and his cat’s help, can he solve a fiendish crime?

Click below to see how Geoff becomes involved in his first murder investigation and all of the uproarious antics that ensue.

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Luck of the Devil: Excerpt #1

Soooo - I'm not supposed to share my cover yet. Do you see me sharing my cover? =D But I figured cover, excerpt - those are two completely different things! So, here's a little snip from Luck of the Devil, the second Lucky Magic story. ***Raw and unedited just for...

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Death Retires Cover Reveal & Excerpt!

And excerpt #3 of the soon releasing Death Retires! For those who haven't been following along, there are 2 other excerpts, if you'd like to give them a gander. Excerpt 1 and Excerpt 2. Also, see cover to the right. (Ooooh, aaaaaah....) ***Raw and unedited, just for...

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New Series Title & Excerpt

That new series I have coming out? It's getting closer. I've got a series title for you... Death Retired (ta-da!). And a blurb that you might have seen already if you stalk my Cate Lawley site. I mean, I hope you stalk my CL site, but if you don't... Death's not...

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Excerpt: New Story!

I'm crazy excited about this story. I broke all my rules to do this one. Let's just say that if my writing schedule were a person, I'd be dead and buried in my backyard. That's how angry he (she?) would be. Or maybe I'd be a pile of ash spread across my overgrown...

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Witch or Treat Release!

Witch or Treat is live, and it's kicking some butt! We've hit several Amazon bestseller lists - so exciting - and have had a number of lovely reviews from old fans and new. That's what happens when you get a bunch of cool paranormal cozy mystery authors together,...

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Peach Mint Kombucha & a Witchy Murder

As I was hanging at my favorite coffee shop, sipping a (very tasty) peach mint kombucha, and writing, I realized I hadn't yet announced my latest venture. Shame on me! So - here it is, fabulous cover and all, a cozy mystery Halloween anthology! I'm drafting a Star...

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