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What’s an ARC?

ARC stands for Advanced Reader Copy. I sometimes have copies available for readers who are interested in receiving a free copy in exchange for an honest review. If you receive an ARC and write a review, be sure to include that comment or one similar in your review. It’s the law – but also good to be transparent!

“I’ve never written a review before. What do I write?” That’s up to you! But here are a few tips. Don’t include spoilers, unless you’re clearly labeling them. You don’t need to summarize the story, but you can if that makes you happy = ) If you’re in doubt whether to include a particular point, think about whether it would help you to make a decision to buy or not to buy the book if you were reading the review.

“When should I post my review?” Reviews can be posted to Amazon once the book is released and usually on Goodreads right away. It is most helpful if you can post your review for new releases within the first week of the book’s release–but definitely write your review quickly after you’ve finished the book. You don’t want to forget what you liked and how it made you feel  = )

Deathly Love ARC

I have 25 copies available, first come first serve, so grab your copy now if you’re interested in reviewing Deathly Love! These ARC copies are digital copies and not issued by the retailer. Click on the link and follow the instructions to retrieve your copy.

Get my ARC copy of Deathly Love.

You can leave a review on Goodreads at any time, and on Amazon after the May 31st release.



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