To be Cate, or to be Kate? That is the question. Or at least it’s one of my questions when planning my schedule. 🙂 Sooo, here’s the breakdown by Cate-Kate.

Vegan Vamp #3, The Elvis Enigma, is a high priority, current project. The Client’s Conundrum (VV#2) is releasing in less than two weeks on the 27th, but The Elvis Enigma is releasing only a month later–so it’s tops on the list!

I do have another series planned for Cate that is a paranormal mystery series with a different paranormal twist than Vegan Vamp and has a male main character. There’s also a very large, not entirely feline cat. I have some words written, a plan for the series, and the beginning of a cast of characters. When this series will happen is largely dependent on how Vegan Vamp is received. I plan to write more Vegan Vamp stories, because I really like the series…but the question of when is a financial one for me. If you guys want more Vegan Vamp and sales are sufficient to support writing more of them, I’ll write new stories sooner. If not, they’ll come a little later.

But what about the Goode Witch Matchmaker series?!? I have at least one more story planned for that series, and not to spoil but there’s a new reaper with some issues to resolve, a guy with a guilty past who’s back in town, and a little more Glenda. This is currently the only Goode Witch story I have planned, but it is structured to be a longer story than the current works. When…? It’s a funny little series that mashes up genres: sweet with paranormal with just a dash of mystery, and sales have been slow to trickle in. So, the book is planned, but it’s not high on the list right now. I would love for the sales of this book to tell me folks are ready for that book sooner than later, because I’ve grown quite fond of both Glenda and Tara.

My secondary work-in-progress is the first Spirelli novel. For fans of SPI (Spirelli Paranormal Investigations,) this is the same world, the same characters (the same everything)–but longer. See, I do read my reviews! Should be working with my cover artist soon for a cover on that project. As currently planned, the book should be around 200-250 pages. I’m hoping for a December release–but in saying that I feel I should also disclose that I’m an optimist by nature.

Lost Library…I’m going to ***try*** to finish Witch’s Dilemma after I finish the Spirelli book. That book hates me a little right now. But I’m super cool and easy to get along with (says I), so I’m planning to sit down and make friends with it. Then we’ll see how it goes. I’d promise a release date, but I’m just worried to say for sure at this point. Lost Library fans, do note that while not my highest priority, it’s high priority. If I don’t sort it out soon, Kenna’s gonna start stalking my dreams/nightmares – so I’m on it!

I do also have a new urban fantasy trilogy planned for next year. Where it falls on my schedule depends on a lot of factors but, like my new Cate series, I have words on the page, a rough plan for the trilogy, and a cast of characters begun. I <3 new projects, and I think this one will be really fun.  (I already have a cover…so when it moves to high priority, there will be a cover reveal.)

Long story short, what folks are reading is in large part determining what order I’m writing in–barring certain problem children/books. And I’ll be drinking a lot of coffee in the coming months!



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