Cause that’s the sound at my house these days. Two reasons:

1. I got a new laptop. This is huge. My K key hasn’t worked for ages. It sticks. Not lying. I tried blowing it out with that can of stuff that gets really cold; no luck. Yes, I am indeed overdue a new laptop = ) And unlike my netbook, the keys on my new laptop make this great click noise. It makes me feel so virtuously productive to type on it! Hey – whatever keeps me rolling, I embrace. Caffeine, clicky typing noises…

2. I’m typing like mad. Vegan Vamp (AKA Adventures of a Vegan Vampire), my paranormal cozy mystery is due out soon. The Client’s Conundrum is soon to follow after. And the third, The Elvis Enigma, well – we shall see, but I’m hopeful. (I’d promise, but I’ve gotten in trouble before promising when I’m this early in the project.) The series is a little silly, a little humorous, and tons of fun to write. You’ll have to let me know what you think. (Hint: I <3 reviews, folks. Or emails. Or comments on blog posts, or fb comments.)

3. I haven’t forgotten you Goode Witch folk. I have a story planned for 2017. Definitely Tara’s story!

Other stuff? In my Kate Baray Spirelli world, I wrote this fantastically silly story that I adore called Bob vs. the Cat. My editor was rather pleased with it, as well – so I hope you’ll find it entertaining. No idea on the pub date. I’m waiting to find out if it’s going to make an anthology or not. Will let you know, because I think Cate folks will like this one.

And that would be the project update for this month, written after a very small (and unintentional) reminder from a buddy who blogs a heck of a lot more than me.

As always, happy reading! ~Cate

PS: I totally did the graphic. Contacting my cover guy to make my bookmarks, promise.

Adventures of a Vegan Vamp


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