Soooo – I’m not supposed to share my cover yet. Do you see me sharing my cover? =D But I figured cover, excerpt – those are two completely different things! So, here’s a little snip from Luck of the Devil, the second Lucky Magic story.

***Raw and unedited just for you! Excerpt Begins***

This couldn’t be happening. I could not be in a pile of arms and legs. A pile that included me, my supposed fiancé, and the man I’d had my longest lust-crush on.

But then I tried to move my arm and realized it was pinned beneath a very muscular thigh belonging to a very hot man who was right now staring at me like he wanted to murder me.

“I didn’t ask to be kidnapped.” That’s what I tried to say. Who knows what actually came out, because Michael Kelly had twisted me up in knots from the moment I’d met and fallen head over heels in lust with him.

He shook his head, looking confused.

Oh, no. Livy was going to kill me, If I broke her hot brother’s head at her engagement party, she would never let me live it down.

He propped himself up on his elbows and flashed me a gorgeous grin. “You think I’m hot.”

I had not said that out loud. No, I did not. But he was staring at with that cocky grin and those gorgeous blue eyes, and—

“I will remove your head for your insolence.” And there goes the fiancé, spoiling all the fun.

Don, who was no Juan, might actually take Michael’s head off, and Michael looked not even a little bit worried. Idiot. Looked like it was time for action, not lustful panting. I wriggled free of the pile, slapped a temporary binding on big and burly so he couldn’t slice off Michael’s head before he could say “magically delicious,” then grabbed Michael’s arm and gave a good tug.

When it looked like he was on his feet, I said, “Run.”

Then I took off like the scared little rabbit that I really was.

***Excerpt Ends***

Didn’t catch the first story when it came out? Check out the link for Lucky Magic below. The first story is sweeter than Luck of the Devil, because…well, because the main character isn’t the devil daughter’s 😉 But Luck of the Devil is also a clean read, excepting some mild profanity (talking about the devil and not hell? Could be done, but I just didn’t want to.)

Happy reading! ~Cate


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