Launch in 3-2-1! Luck of the Devil releases in 3 days!!! Depending on how you count, so let me take math out of the equation just in case I didn’t subtract quite right…October 25th Release =)

Didn’t catch the first excerpt from Luck of the Devil? No worries. Here it is, conveniently titled Luck of the Devil: Excerpt #1. 

***And another Raw & Unedited snip, just for you! Begin Excerpt***

Then I took off like the scared little rabbit that I really was. (Dear readers: you might remember this line from last week’s excerpt – because I’m picking up the story right where you left off!)

Small problem. I’d forgotten that Michael was an athlete, whereas the most exercise I got was the sex I had in my dreams.

He caught up with me about half a second after I took off.

While I sprinted like mad, he loped along beside. “Why are we running?”

I tried not to sound like I was about to die from a heart attack—not technically possible, but it sure did feel like it—and replied as best I could. “Bad man.” I huffed and puffed. “Wants to kill—” One more breath. Maybe two. “You.”

And then I stopped, because—who was I kidding?—I was not a runner. Even in a life or death situation, I only had about twenty or thirty good yards in me. Maybe fifty if a sharp implement was in play. I planted my hands on my knees and bent over.

“Wow, you’re in terrible shape.” Amusement glinted in Michael’s eyes as he watched me come close to hyperventilating.

He needed a good telling off. I held up a finger. As soon as I could stop gasping like fish out of water, I was telling him off. With any luck, I wouldn’t puke in the interim, but if I did I was aiming for his shoes.

***Excerpt Ends***

I hope you enjoyed this snip. It was great fun to write–maybe in part because I’m allergic to cardio? This story is a little ridiculous in some respects (in very fun ways, says me, and I hope you’ll agree). I always hope that if it makes me giggle, that maybe you smile, and if it makes me teary, maybe it tugs at your heart. I definitely giggled for this one.

And in case you missed the first story in the series, here it is again. As always, happy reading! ~Cate


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