I’m always surprised when readers are interested in learning more about me. But I’m putting my shock on hold long enough to give you a few bits and pieces of my life.

  • My non-writerly name is Catherine, but I’ve always adored the name Kate. Turns out, I can have the best of both worlds: my real name and my fave abbreviated version. Hence “Cate” = )
  • My house is overrun by fuzzy creatures, most invited. I’ve got hounds and pointers. Here’s a breed tip from a sometimes dog trainer. Hounds are trainable (folks who say they aren’t, are fibbing.) But pointers are easy to train. Pick your poison. I promise not to judge.
  • I read less now that I write, which makes me sad (so many stories to enjoy, so little time!) and glad (escaping to my own worlds is incredibly satisfying.) But since I’ve become aware of this fact, I periodically stop, flip through my Kindle, and binge read with absolutely zero guilt.
  • I love storms but have a dog with storm phobia, hate the heat but live in Austin, Texas, and adore fresh flowers and flowering plants but am a terrible gardener.
  • One of my greatest achievements to date is the flowering of a bulb gifted to me on my birthday almost a year ago. (Don’t those things always die, like, right away?) I have this mad scientist feeling every time I notice it, proud yet super creeped out by its existence. It lives!

And that’s me. Or at least some oddball facts about me. Thanks for reading–my bio and my books!–and for reinforcing my fragile writer’s ego 😀

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