I’m a little overdue on this post…because I’ve been writing! Best excuse ever, right? Here’s the lowdown for both Cate & Kate.

Cate Lawley

The next Vegan Vamp, The Nefarious Necklace, is on preorder! Pending how quickly my hunt and peck fingers can type, I’m planning two more Vegan Vamp stories for 2017. More on those later…

Check out the cover for the new Goode Witch spinoff series! Shooting for Spring/Summer 2017. So far, I only have one story planned for 2017, but that could change.

I have a new series in the works. I know, I know… So many series, so little time. But here’s the thing, once a story is burbling in my head, it sits there, poking at me, until I write it. It interferes with my productivity and makes me cranky. No one wants a cranky Cate, right? (I’m assuming a “no” response…because you guys are nice folks, right?)
So, again, I have a new series 🙂 Here’s what I can tell you:

  1. I’ve already got covers and they are super cute! (hush-hush, top-secret for now)
  2. It’s a cozy mystery, but (gasp) there’s no magic. Of course, there’s cool stuff: a fun small town, a nifty hound, and a character who’s going through some changes in her life–for the better, I hope.
  3. I’ve already started the actual nitty-gritty of writing, not just story prep. This thing is happening!
  4. I’m hoping for at least book 1 to come out this year, but with any luck (i.e. a decently healthy, productive year) I’ll release the first 3.

And, finally, Lucky Magic is releasing February 22nd!!! Part of Robyn Peterman’s Magic & Mayhem world, and categorized as romance. If you like the Good Witch Matchmaker, I think you’d enjoy it – but it’s got a tiny quirky streak like Vegan Vamp. Check it out – you know you want to!

Kate Baray

I’ve got 3 projects slated for Kate this year, and I hope you guys are going to be pumped about them!entombed-600x900

The first Spirelli novel, Entombed, is on preorder now, releasing March 5th.

Drum roll, please… I’ve got a Lost Library story releasing in April!!! Necromancy, a Lost Library Novella will be released as a part of the Midnight Magic boxed set. I’ll drop you guys a preorder link once it’s available. If you prefer to get the discounted price on the story, then be sure to pick up the boxed set when it releases.

Witch’s Dilemma is on the calendar after Necromancy is complete. My hope is to complete Witch’s Dilemma this year and Witch’s Curse in 2018. Those 2 books have been my naughty children, but they might be getting their act together…or mom is 😉

Stay tuned for more writing updates and other miscellaneous stuff on my blog, and thanks so much for stopping by!




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