That new series I have coming out? It’s getting closer. I’ve got a series title for you… Death Retired (ta-da!). And a blurb that you might have seen already if you stalk my Cate Lawley site. I mean, I hope you stalk my CL site, but if you don’t…

Death’s not taking a holiday. He’s retired.

Geoff hadn’t planned on sunshine, margaritas, and women in skimpy bikinis. After hanging up his (metaphorical) hood, he had hoped to spend his afternoons reading at the local library. Unfortunately, his former position (as one of the deaths, not the death) was seeping into his current retirement and hijacking his restful plans.

Bad enough that he’s stalked by ghosts, but his former bosses have also saddled him with the care and feeding of a possessed bobcat. And then he meets his beautiful neighbor Sylvie, and his world truly is turned upside down.

Click below to see how Geoff becomes involved in his first murder investigation and all of the uproarious antics that ensue.

And if you were waiting for a second excerpt, you shall wait no longer! Didn’t catch the first one? No stress, it’s still there 🙂

***(Unedited and raw, just for you) EXCERPT***

“I’m telling you, if you’re being haunted, then you’re screwed.” Lilac, a medium I’d discovered in the yellow pages, wasn’t quite living up to my expectations. Younger, prettier, greener, and more pierced than I’d expected—but also not nearly helpful enough.

Then again, the yellow pages weren’t cutting edge advertising any longer, per Clarence. I kinda of knew that. I had been living in and around people the last few decades—just not as a person. But old habits liked to cling, I was finding, and in the world I’d known, there’d been phone books and people had used them.

Lilac’s gaze shifted to Clarence. “What exactly does an emotional support cat do?”

“Ah…” I glared at Clarence. He’d told me to say that. Had sworn it would get him in the door, no questions asked, and since he’d threatened to spray my bed if I didn’t take him along, I’d stuffed him in his harness and chucked him on the car.

Lilac waved a heavily ringed hand. “Never mind.” Her words might have been dismissive, but she wouldn’t stop looking at me as if I had something in between my teeth. “You’re sure your place is haunted? I can come out and do a preliminary screening of your home for a modest fee. Just to double check it’s not, you know, something else. Something not otherworldy.”

Ah. The medium thought I was nuts.


A close relative of Clarence’s. The man (ghost? cat?) himself is camera shy.

When the woman with the fluorescent green hair, bright blue nail polish, and five competing spiritual philosophies plastered on her walls thought I was a nut job, I might need to consider how I was presenting myself to the public.

Or stop taking Clarence’s advice. I turned a critical eye on my four-legged furry companion.

***End Excerpt***

Stay tuned for more goodies! (Like a cover reveal…) And if you haven’t seen my nifty new covers for Adventures of a Vegan Vamp, see below. Much as I loved the first iteration, I’m just as in love, if not more so, with the new covers.




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