Want a little more Night Shift Witch? I’m just wrapping it up and about to send it to my editor! So, once again, BEWARE: Raw, unedited story follows.

This excerpt is Star’s first night at the funeral home. She’s about to start her training…or not.

***Stan pulled the sheet back. “May I introduce Mr. Chalmers, aged thirty-two, killed in a car accident.”

No way Mr. Chalmers was thirty-two. And he sure as heck hadn’t died in a car accident. But what were the chances? My first dead body, and I’d stumbled onto a paranormal?

I flipped the sheet back below his groin, certain I was mistaken. But no. There were his creation tattoos, plain as day. I was looking at a very dead golem. That was bad news. Golems were hard to kill.

I leaned closer and inspected his tats. There were small cuts along several of the tattoos. This wasn’t garden variety bad. No, this was the murdered kind of bad.***

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