The following text is the prologue from Timely Love and also the transcript for the audio file included here. I hope you enjoy this brief clip of me reading from Timely Love!

{TRANSCRIPT} Math. Gorgeous, fascinating, magical math. Glenda loved the word magic of spells. And working up a nicely complex potion using research, rare ingredients, and chemistry made her toes tingle. But no variety of magic quite compared to the beauty and the power of magical math.

Sparkly numbers hovered in the air, the equation lovely in its elegance and surprising in its conclusion. A man, made prisoner by his own grief, and a woman too caught up in the daily grind to look for love—not so very improbable a match. But when those two lonely souls lived more than a hundred years apart? That was an improbable match and a worthy challenge for Glenda’s special matchmaking skills.

Her equation proved these two lonely souls made the perfect match. And with Glenda Goode playing matchmaker, this particular improbable match had every chance of success.



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