I’m very fond of my characters…some more than others. Some are simply more cooperative. (We won’t discuss those stubborn, uncooperative characters. Shame on them!) Glenda from the Goode Witch Matchmaker series is a lovely character. She likes to be written. Unfortunately, I planted her in a series of stories of that don’t sell particularly well. (Shame on me.) I have some fans for that series (you know who you are – and thank you!!!), but the appeal of the series seems to be very narrow.

Since writing is my job, that means food & shelter for me and the four-legged furries has to be at least one consideration when I’m deciding what to write. So, I tossed this all around in my head, chatted with my developmental editor, chatted with a few writer buddies, tossed it around some more…and now I have a plan to save the Goode Witch: The Goode Witch Mysteries!

Glenda and Bedivere will be teaming up to address disturbances in the force. Okay, not really. (Give me a break; I just saw Rogue One.) But they will be teaming up to set right what goes amiss in the paranormal world. =) Evil forces are at work, shoving nasty claws into the cogs of the natural paranormal order. And if you’ve been following the Goode Witch Matchmaker series, then you won’t be surprised by the first wrong that Glenda and Bedivere attempt to right. Book one, The Case of the Naked Reaper, should be making an appearance mid-2017.

For now, I have a little taste of the new series. This isn’t an excerpt from the first book, but rather bonus material. I hope you enjoy: A Diet of Worms!



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