The Goode Witch Matchmaker

Two souls, two eras, and one determined matchmaker…

Glenda Goode has Beth and Edward in her witchy matchmaking sights. Beth is a thoroughly modern woman with no time for love, and Edward is a widower with an old-fashioned bent. Despite their differences, Glenda’s magic predicts a perfect match.

There’s just one problem: Beth’s from Austin, Texas and Edward lives in Victorian England. Can Glenda and her witchy magic conquer time itself to help two souls find love?

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A wicked curse, a friendly ghost, and a family dilemma…how’s a girl to find time for love?

Glenda Goode, matchmaking witch extraordinaire, uses math to predict the future–and brew romance! She’s found the perfect match for Hillary, but the wily witch has more up her sleeve than just matchmaking. Lives and love both hang in the balance as Hillary, her grandpa, and his not-quite-imaginary roommate try to solve a seven-year old curse.

Click below to find out if Hillary beats the curse and wins the biggest prize of all: love!

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Will love elude the Grim Reaper’s daughter forever?

Zelda had long ago determined she wasn’t datable. She’d been seventeen, dressed in a gorgeous black strapless, and ready to party. But then her dad had waved around his scythe, turned on the glowing red eyes, and her prom date couldn’t get away fast enough. She’d been dateless ever since. What eligible, sane guy wants to date the Grim Reaper’s daughter?

Click below to find out how Glenda the Goode Witch Matchmaker helps Zelda conquer her dating difficulties!

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“Retired reaper seeks long lost love as lifetime companion.”

Unfortunately, an ad in the personals isn’t going to help Devlin reconnect with his high school sweetheart–not while she has no memory of him. Felicity might still have feelings for him, if only Devlin can jog her magically altered memory and shake loose their past history.

Click below to see how Glenda Goode, the matchmaking witch, helps Devlin and Felicity win their second chance at love!

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