New cover, new story, new Vegan Vamp book!  The Halloween Haunting should be coming out in late June, so keep your eyes peeled for the next installment in the Vegan Vamp series = )  Want to catch a sneak peak in early June? Be sure to sign up for my newsletter!

Bingo night at the retirement center!

It sounds tame enough to Mallory, except that the residents of this particular community include a grandmotherly hacker, a retired witch, and, once upon a time, Mallory’s Great-Aunt Lula. Visiting her dead relative’s former abode brings back memories for Mallory, but it also brings back Great-Aunt Lula.

With her ghostly great-aunt’s help, can Mallory and her crew discover who’s burgled Bradley’s condo, and why everyone involved with the break-in keeps dying?


And if you haven’t picked up The Nefarious Necklace, now’s the time. Hint: there might be some fun Alex facts in this one!


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