The original prologue of the series…

Destined to hunger and live a life of darkness… Wait. That’s not right.

Mallory blinked at the bright sun and chewed on her pen cap. She took a sip of her apricot mango spinach smoothie and started again. Life as a vegan vamp starts with a choice: to drink blood or not to drink blood. 

Better. Now comes the tricky bit. Tell the world she’s vegan because the smell of blood turns her stomach? That warm blood makes her hurl? And cold blood…ew. The clots alone would put off all but the hungriest vamp. Or skip that part? Let the world think she’d made the choice for ethical reasons?

If her own journal wasn’t truthful, what use was it? After another sip of her iron rich smoothie, she started to scribble again. I’m the not-blood-sucking type. Not because I support human rights or anything–though I certainly do respect vegan vamps that make the choice for ethical reasons. I don’t suck blood, because drinking blood is disgusting. A simple fact they fail to reveal before making you not-quite-dead.

Author’s Note: I wrote this more as a series concept than a prologue, so this is early, early days. Still in third person!

The second prologue of the series…

Vampires need blood to survive. Big myth. Turns out blood consumption as a requirement for continued vamp life is not true. They—ah—we need blood to feel plumply satisfied. The full you get after eating a meal rich with carbs and fat and salt. That full you get post Turkey Day meal consumption. Or after Christmas ham served with buttery mashed potatoes. Could be I’m drooling a little.
It’s been a while since I’ve felt that full. I’m hungry—seriously hungry—all the time. But that’s the life of a vegan vamp.
Let’s not start off on the wrong foot; I don’t want to misrepresent myself. I’m not morally opposed to the consumption of animal products. I used to eat meat, back in the day, when I was all the way human. And I wear leather shoes. But blood…ick. I just threw up a little in my mouth. Blood is gross. Thick, warm, clotty bits gross. I can’t even smell it without heaving. Unfortunate, since I’m a vampire.
The liquid diet, now that’s true. So I slurp with a straw and pretend I’m chewing. It’s bizarre, but I never realized how much chewing was a part of the eating experience. Without chewing, am I eating? Really? I’m still working on convincing some deep part of my brain that meals don’t have to be chewed to be enjoyed. Definitely a work in progress.

Author’s Note: All true, but cut for reasons of character consistency. (Mallory doesn’t really speak like this…)

Dear Readers,
I hope you’ve enjoyed this peek under my (metaphorical) bed, where all the dust bunnies and lint reside. Leave a comment if you enjoyed, so I know whether to offer more of this type of bonus material…or not 😉  Thanks! Cate