About Adventures of a Vegan Vamp… Can’t lie, I fell in love with the cover. I’m not a huge vampire fan. (Bite my tongue, I know.) I mean, Jeaniene Frost is a woman unto herself, and her work is completely excluded from my general feelings about vampire books. ( I <3 the Night Huntress Series.) And there are a few others , but, generally, I can take or leave vamps on the page.

You see my problem. I have a cover concept I like, a story I was sure I wanted to write…but wasn’t entirely sure where that story would take me, since vamps weren’t really my thing. I started typing, let a little alliteration take over, and the Vegan Vamp series was born.

So if you’re not married to the traditional vampire tropes (I do know them and I definitely break them,) and you’re not finicky about your vampires staying inside the lines of horror and dark fantasy…then the Vegan Vamp books might be for you. There’s some humor, some action, some mystery…well, they have a dash of a lot of things. Book goulash, vamp-style?

One thing I can tell you, I’ve had a fabulous time writing these stories, and I like to think that bleeds over onto the page. Check it out and let me know =)



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