I had CE this last weekend, aka a writerly event. I used to be licensed in a variety of things (attorney, dog trainer – basically the same thing, right?), so everything is “continuing education” in my mind = )

What I learned? I am a bad egg. For shame, naughty me. I’m supposed to post to my blog at least once a month. First…oops. Second, apologies! So I’m here to tell you what I’m doing, and to tell you that I might actually post once a month. Because someone said so, and I’m a good kid that way.


Yes. I have projects! Book 4 in The Goode Witch Matchmaker series,  Forgotten Love, is currently in one of it’s several rounds of editing. It’s with the lovely Melanie right now and soon to be shipped off to the industriously creative Steve Statham for proofing. That’s right, folks, my proofer is a sci-fi, tech-thriller, auto-expert, nerd guy.  And if you’re finding typos, it’s all me. (I’m all thumbs on the computer)…or the work predates Steve. If you’re into both sweet romance (which is why you’re here) and also find cars OR sci-fi OR tech-thrillers to be appealing, go check out my very cool proofer guy at the above Amazon author link. Note: blog post not proofed by Steve. 😀

Witch’s Dilemma, a project by my Urban Fantasy pen name Kate Baray, just got a replot recently and some 1st draft writing done. This one has been a thorn in my bum for some time. When it fully gels, I’ll be singing a happy tune and skipping down the road. So much so, that I might be picked up (falsely) for public intoxication. Really. I will be giddy.

Spirelli Paranormal Investigations, another Kate Baray project, is rocking and rolling. Episode 5 is due out in early August and I’m currently hustling to make a deadline with one of my editors. If you think you hear clickety-clack noises in the background over the next week, it’s because you’re psychic and can hear me frantically typing away. Episode 6 should release late August, early September, with any luck – but no promises because…so many projects, so little time! If you haven’t tried this series, reader’s are saying the episodes make for a quick, fun, and imaginative read. Pick up Episode 1 for free on most retailers. (Not a clean read; contains profanity and some violence.)

Vegan Vamp–so excited!–is in the story generation and rough draft stage. Those 2 stages frequently intertwine and diverge, only to later collide and get picked apart again. I’m a little messy that way. If you’d like to stay abreast of everything Vegan Vamp, I’ve created a special email list for the series. I know not everyone that likes The Goode Witch Matchmaker series will want to read about a Vegan Vampire as she ventures out in the world to discover her killer/undead-maker. If you’d like to get release info and bonus material, join the newsletter list for this cozy paranormal mystery series. 

Whoa, Nelly – that’s a lot of stuff. (And there’s other stuff I’m not mentioning. A girl has to have some secrets.) But detailing those projects kinda blew my dress up. I might need a beer. Or maybe I should just go write. A lot. Right now.

Interesting Factoid?

I do like to pretend sometimes that I keep up with the biz side of my writerly endeavors. During one of my recent reviews of my inventory? products?–what you and I call books–I noticed that The Goode Witch Matchmaker series has a lot of “also-boughts” in the cozy mystery category. Woot! Super excited about that because VEGAN VAMP! Yeah, I totally just yelled in your ear. I hope your volume wasn’t on high. The first Vegan Vamp book is still on track for an October release, and I am way too excited about it.

Till next month when I’ll (likely) return with another update. Or maybe you’ll see me sooner, if I have something at least a little bit interesting to say.

Happy reading,



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